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At Corona Church our mission is Inviting People To Enjoy Life With God. How do we do this?  One of our values is cultivating community. To enjoy life together we need to be with one another. We want to be people who enjoy getting together and sharing our lives together. We hope that you will consider getting to know us more at an upcoming event.

  • Denver seminary event: Voices of Lament


    You are invited to join a presentation by the Gospel Initiative at Denver seminary called Voices of Lament: Reflections on Brokenness and Hope in a World Longing for Justice. 

    How often do we hear from Christian women of color writing for themselves and the world more broadly about faith and how it informs their distinct experiences with justice, lament, anger & hope? Inspired by Psalm 37, with its outpouring of emotion about the human experience, essays written by twenty-nine Christian women of color comprise Voices of Lament, Reflections on Brokenness and Hope in a World Longing for Justice.

    Join us for an evening with Voices of Lament editor Dr. Natasha Sistrunk Robinson and other contributing authors and local speakers as they express how this new collection of essays, poems, liturgies, and historical reflections invite empathy and healing. Their work has given a gift to those doing the work of justice by making public their private pain, while modeling how faith allows them to hold the tension of injustice and heartache with hope and joy. Together we will learn from their perspectives and consider how we can join in solidarity, drawing us into deeper intimacy with God and a more fulsome understanding of each other. This event is free but registration is required. This event is hosted by Denver Seminary at at Denver Seminary (6399 South Santa Fe Drive, Littleton, CO 80120). Please click here for more information and to register.