Flourishing Future

Where are we headed as a congregation?  What sort of future are we aiming for?  What unique purpose does God have for our church?

These are questions that we’ve been processing over the past weeks with our vision series, Flourishing Future.  We’ve been focusing on the unique mission and future vision we believe God has given us as the result of a year-long discernment process. If you missed any of the messages from this series, you can watch them below.

  • Renovation

    Why is change necessary?  God is doing something new and unique in our midst.  History can help, but history can also hinder.  The past can propel us into the future when it is a reminder of God’s ongoing faithfulness.  But the past holds us back when it constricts our imagination for what God is doing today.

    Faithful adaptation is necessary for future flourishing.  Corona is not dying–but Corona is changing.  In the coming years Corona and Nova are going to move closer together.

  • Coronation

    King David shows us how to pass the baton to the next generation (his son Solomon).  Corona Church has a unique opportunity to invest in younger generations through Nova.  We want to share our gospel legacy with future generations, but how do we actually do that?

    The future of Corona is Nova.  Nova is the next generation of Corona.

  • Invitation

    Jesus invites us to enjoy life with God, an invitation that he calls us to extends to others.  This is the shared mission of the congregations of Corona and Nova – and you have a vital part to play.

    We desire for Corona and Nova to move closer together.  What will bring us together is uniting around this shared mission and strategy.