• "GOOD"

    September 5, 2021

    Genesis 1:1-31

    Pastor Katie Fowler

    There’s a dangerous lie that many Christians have bought into: that this world of space and matter is inherently evil, and that only “spiritual things” are good. But in the opening chapter of the Bible, we discover this isn’t true at all! God made the physical world and declared it “very good.” This world was made with original goodness, to be a place of beauty and flourishing. Genesis 1 tells us the story of a good God who intentionally, in love, created the cosmos.


    September 12, 2021

    Genesis 1:26-28

    Matt DeHarte

    What does it mean to be human? The answer the Christian Scriptures gives us is that human beings were made to reflect God’s image and represent God’s rule to the world. So every person has inherent dignity, worth, and value. And every person is invited to partner with God’s work in the world. If we act like this is true, how would it change our everyday life?

  • "REST"

    September 19, 2021

    Genesis 2: 1-4

    Pastor Chuck Fowler

    God completed the work of creation in six days and rested on the seventh day of the week--the Sabbath. Then God declared the Sabbath holy, “set apart.” This command to have a day of rest is so important that it is even enshrined in the Ten Commandments. Why was this ancient practice of Sabbath so important, and how is it relevant to life today? And what does Sabbath say about the ultimate future of the world?


    September 26, 2021

    Genesis 3:1-19

    Hanna Halteman

    We feel it in our bones. Something is deeply wrong with our world. The Bible claims this is because humanity turned away from God. We were made to enjoy life with God, but we tried to go it alone, without God. Genesis traces the fallout of sin from Genesis 3 (Adam and Eve eat the fruit) all the way through Genesis 11 (the tower of Babel). We feel the fallout of this tragedy to this day--in our alienation from our world, from each other, and from God. Yet God would not let this be our end. He promised the day when “the seed of the woman” would come to set things right again.


    October 3, 2021

    Genesis 11:27-32, 12:1-3

    Leanor Ortega-TIll

    The story seems to end in ruin. The spiral of sin continues through Genesis and we find the height of human arrogance manifested in the Tower of Babel. Out of the wreckage of Babel (Ur of the Chaldeans), God calls a man named Abram. He makes a covenant with him, promising to bless him and through him to bless all the nations of the world. After the prologue of Genesis 1-11, this marks the starting point for the rest of the story of the Bible. God’s mission and plan for redemption is set in motion.