In this series we'll be looking at some of Jesus' most well-known parables, the iconic stories of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin, and the Prodigal Son.  Here we find Jesus' teachings about God's character distilled to their absolute essence.  At the heart of the Gospel, we find a God who never, ever gives up on us, no matter the cost.

  • "The Seeker"

    March 14, 2021

    Luke 15:1-10

    Pastor Katie Fowler

    God is the original seeker. He seeks us out to bring us home. He chases us down just to show us his kindness. No matter how far we’ve gone, no matter how much has been lost, no matter the cost, God’s heart will not give up on us!

  • "The Rebel"

    March 21, 2021

    Luke 15:11-24

    Pastor Katie Fowler

    We have all been rebels, leaving our home of identity in God's love to seek our fortune trying to fill ourselves with things that don't last. But God meets us when we fail, He runs to us with open arms and welcomes us home.

  • "The Rule-Keeper"

    March 28, 2021

    Luke 15:25-32

    Pastor Chuck Fowler

    Today we focus on the older brother in Jesus's most well-known, and perhaps most misunderstood, parable: the Parable of the Prodigal Son. So often people retell this story as if it is only about the "runaway" younger son, but if we forget about the "rule-keeper" older brother we actually miss the real point Jesus was making. You see, Jesus is saying something earth-shattering: the runaway and the rule-keeper are both lost, because they’re both at a distance from the father’s heart.

  • "The Prodigal"

    April 4, 2021

    Luke 15: 11-32

    Pastor Katie Fowler

    The dead have come back to life. What was lost has been found. So we have to throw a party!

    Katie Fowler concludes our Loving Pursuit series on Easter Sunday with the story of The Prodigal Son from Luke 15:11​-32.