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  • LUKE 4:1-13

    MARCH 6, 2022

    Pastor Katie Fowler

    The Temptation of Jesus. As many have pointed out, here Jesus faces the temptation to root his identity in something other than the Father’s love and care. Priest and author Basil Pennington refers to the three temptations as the temptation to root our identity in power, prestige and possessions.

    We face those same temptations that Jesus did.

  • LUKE 9:28-36

    MARCH 13, 2022

    Pastor Ed Black

    Jesus dismantles the boxes and categories we try to put Jesus in.  Jesus constantly leads us beyond ourselves- our understanding, our capacities. Like Peter, we often don’t know what we are even talking about. We need Jesus to reveal himself to us. 

  • LUKE 13:1-9

    MARCH 20, 2022

    Stephen Redden

    Repentance. What does it mean to repent? It is a loaded religious word. But repentance leads to life. To agree with God, to change our minds and turn back to Jesus leads to life and goodness.

  • LUKE 15: 1-3, 11-32

    MARCH 27, 2022

    Leanor Ortega-Till

    We should constantly be astounded by the company Jesus kept. He ate (welcomed, accepted, considered friends) with sinners and tax collectors. The religious folks were scandalized by Jesus. Do we find ourselves (or even allow ourselves) to be unnerved by Jesus? The life of following Jesus is only possible because of the gracious, extravagant love of God that pursues us and welcomes us home again. Notice too, the older son, stuck in his self-reliance and self-righteousness. The older son, like the Pharisees, missed the radical love of the Father that undercuts our self-focused righteousness. 

  • JOHN 12:1-8

    APRIL 3, 2020

    Tyler Traylor

    As Jesus was headed to the cross, soon to pour out his own life for the sake of the world, Mary anointed his body for burial. The beauty and goodness of Jesus leads us to a life of worship- a life poured out in love and sacrifice. This is the cross-shaped life.