The community around us

Corona, while basically in the heart of Denver's Capitol Hill Neighborhood , is very close to several other urban neighborhoods including Denver Country Club, Congress Park, Alamo Placita and Washington Park, just to name a few. These neighborhoods share a deep mix of Colorado history and culture and are densely populated. The residential makeup of this urban setting includes historical mansions, brick bungalows, Denver square (two story) homes, duplexes, high and low-rise condominiums and numerous apartment buildings. Mixed in are office buildings, specialty stores, beauty and barber shops, restaurants, grocery stores, brew pubs, coffee shops, museums and concert venues; just an eclectic and colorful mix of spaces. The inhabitants range from families, to couples, to singles of all ages. There is also a very active LGBTQ community. On any given day you will see loads of people walking, biking, skateboarding and just enjoying the Colorado sunshine and all that Denver's Capital Hill has to offer.