A little about our history

Since 1904, Corona Presbyterian Church has served Denver’s inner city in the area known as the Corona neighborhood.  In the early years several pastors served Corona, but by the 1930’s the church experienced some declining times, and in 1935 Corona was nearly closed by the Presbytery and united with another area church. Elder George Hughes, clerk of session for more than 30 years, said that if only Corona could secure a gospel-preaching pastor the church would grow.


As a result, Corona has been known for its focus on evangelism.  This attention to core values as a Christ-centered, Bible teaching church has served it well. It has had a rich history of missions both locally and around the world with a focus on church planting which continues to this day. 


As the Church grew it had several notable expansions.  In the 1950’s President Eisenhower and his wife Mamie who grew up in Corona, helped with fund raising to expand the sanctuary that is in use today.  Then in the 1980’s, the building doubled in size again.


As Corona entered its 12th decade of serving Christ, its values aligned with ECO, so it became the first church in the Denver Presbytery to leave PCUSA and joined ECO in 2013. With a congregation that has members going back 3 generations, Corona has a faithful foundation of members to reach a neighborhood that is predominantly 35 years and younger.  Now more than ever, Corona desires to preach the good news of the gospel at the corner of 8th and Downing.

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