Serving our community

Our vision at Corona Church is to become a community of deeply rooted followers of Jesus, loving our neighbors. Right now there are many different ways we can meet the needs of others to love and serve our community.


As our city is locked down due to the COVID-19 Virus, the needs of the most vulnerable people in Denver only increase. Families that had relied on schools feeding their kids are struggling. People in homeless situations are having an even harder time finding meals.

Two faith-based organizations on the front lines of these needs in our neighborhood are Open Door Ministries and Christ’s Body Ministries. Christ’s Body Ministries is providing sack lunches five days a week on Lincoln Street. Open Door Ministries is distributing food to vulnerable families in our neighborhood. Both organizations have been long-standing mission partners of Corona Church. We encourage you to consider giving to one or both of these organizations. If you have enough food to eat, these ministries could use your financial support during this crisis.

Click here to make an online donation to Christ’s Body Ministries.

Click here to make an online donation to Open Door Ministries.

(If you are younger than 60, and 100% healthy, Open Door Ministries will also accept food drop-offs at 660 S Decatur, Denver, CO 80219. Nonperishables are accepted 9 AM-5 PM, Monday-Saturday. Look for the sign on the front door indicating where to leave the item. Call or text David at 720-323-2530 with delivery questions.)


Stay connected with the people in your neighborhood to see how you can offer assistance to those that may be vulnerable  or high-risk. We encourage your to join a neighborhood app like NextDoor or reach out to your immediate community by leaving a note on their door. Need more resources to learn how to help your neighbors?  

Click here to learn about the The Art of Neighboring